Trailer Repair

Many commercial businesses require the use of heavy equipment, commercial semi-trucks and trailers for inventory management and more. For this reason, it’s beneficial for business owners to have a reliable heavy-duty equipment repair and maintenance mechanic on speed-dial.

Reliable heavy machinery repair shops should offer expert mechanics, be well-reviewed by their customers, and provide affordable pricing on their services.

If your company needs heavy equipment repairs and other specialized services in Monticello, JME Diesel Truck Repair can help. With decades of experience servicing heavy-duty trucks and commercial equipment, we have expertise and prices you can depend on.  Call JME Diesel Truck Repair today (763) 271-1972 to let us service your current and future heavy equipment maintenance and repair needs.

Comprehensive Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Our team at JME Diesel Truck Repair can resolve almost any issue:

  • Troubleshoot and repair hydraulic systems
  • Perform electrical repairs
  • Install lift axles
  • Weld/fabricate
  • And more

To learn more about commercial truck and heavy equipment repairs, including pricing, scheduling and more, reach out to our staff today.

Save Money on Repair with Preventive Maintenance

Chances are that most mechanics who can perform heavy-duty repairs are also qualified to offer maintenance service on semi-trucks, trailers, and heavy machinery. If you find your company spending excessive amounts on repair service for your fleet or other heavy equipment, it’s time to switch to JME Diesel Truck Repair of Monticello for all of your commercial truck and heavy equipment preventive service needs.

JME Diesel Truck Repair of Monticello can provide preventive services for your heavy commercial trucks and equipment including:

  • DOT inspections
  • Safety inspections
  • Emissions checks

Scheduling regular preventive services and communicating with a maintenance manager ensure that your vehicles and equipment operate at peak efficiency. Direct supervision over repair schedules and necessary pre-delivery work helps your company stay on schedule no matter what issues may arise.

Affordable Heavy Equipment Repairs — Monticello, MN

Commercial vehicles and heavy machinery carry high initial price tags. For this reason, business owners may attempt to postpone or avoid preventive service or repair needs on their commercial vehicles. The truth is that regular upkeep service from honest, experienced mechanics lowers the out-of-pocket costs for business owners over time.

These services address minor, potentially inexpensive problems before they escalate, reducing the need for expensive services or even vehicle replacement. Preventive service also addresses inspection and compliance needs, keeping heavy machinery and commercial vehicles road legal.

If you’re looking for quality heavy machinery and equipment repair in Monticello, JME Diesel Truck Repair is the mechanic service for you. We’re locally owned and operated, which means the quality and affordability of our services directly impact the community that we call home. We’re proud to have three decades of experience serving and helping business owners in the Monticello area.

With a dedicated team, our turnaround times are competitive without sacrificing quality or affordability. Reach out to us today to ask about service details, pricing and more.

Diesel Truck Repair in Monticello

  • DOT Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Brake & Wheel Service

  • Suspension Repair

  • Driveline Replacement

  • A/C Service

  • Hydraulic System Repair

  • Hydraulic Pump & PTO Replacement

  • Electrical Systems Repair

  • Fender Repair/Replacement

  • Hydraulic Hose Repair

  • Welding & Fabrication

  • Plow Truck Repair

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Chassis Repair

  • Lift Axle Repair

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